Financial Institution Participation

All 58 California counties use the EBT system to deliver cash aid benefits to eligible EBT cardholders.

California EBT operates in compliance with the Quest® Operating Rules. Financial institutions can participate through an ATM gateway (such as STAR, VISA, Fiserv, etc.) or through a direct connection with California’s EBT Services provider, Fidelity Information Services, LLC (FIS).

The bank identification number (BIN) for California EBT is 507719. The Primary Account Number (PAN) length is 16 digits.

EBT cards can be accepted at ATMs, much like any debit card. ATM owners are permitted to charge surcharges on EBT transactions at ATMs; however, the State of California encourages financial institutions to consider waiving this fee for EBT cardholders as a service to low income members of the community.
There are certain types of stores that are restricted from processing EBT cash transactions. The following business types cannot participate in the processing of California EBT cash transactions: adult entertainment locations (e.g., adult stores, adult videos, adult toys, adult movie theaters), gambling locations (casinos, bingo parlors, poker rooms, card rooms, gambling race tracks), spa/massage parlors, cannabis retailers, smoke retailers (tobacco, cigar, cigarette, pipe), tattoo piercing, bail bonds, and cruise ships. If you have any questions, please call the Retailer Helpline at (866) 328-4212.

For a list of cash access at ATMs and retailers, click here.

Benefits of EBT to Financial Institutions 

  • Ability to reach and establish brand loyalty with future customers that may be seeking a banking relationship as they move off public assistance, or select direct deposit.
  • Card usage will increase at ATMs and the bank will receive a competitive interchange fee for each cash withdrawal.
  • Supporting the EBT program in underdeveloped urban communities will be positively viewed under the Community Reinvestment Act services test. (Federal Register #54647, FFIEC Interagency Q&A, October 21, 1996.)

For more information about ATM participation, please contact: 

Ms. Jolanta Anderson-Kurowski